37° parallelo is a traveling cocktail bar, a 70’s Wolkswagen van that returns to the street to reach the most beautiful places of the Syracuse coasts, and become a meeting point adn socialization.

On board you can find us, Eleonora and Andrea -photographer and musician- art lovers, music and suggestions. The idea of 37parallelo was born 2 years ago ,in front of a fantastic sunset at Pillirina where we are told: “How beautiful it would be to drink a cold beer in front of this wonderful place!

A simple sentence that triggered something. That moment was the main graft to begin conceiving what it would be 37° parallelo. Since then we moved to make this dream come true. We took a bartending course in Syracuse, we studied during the first lockdown, experimented and invented our cocktails, chose and tested the food to match, created the menus, graphics and everything we need to materialize our goal.

Then there was only one element missing, the mean of transport. A lucky coincidence made us meet an old Wolkswagen van. We immediately fell in love of it and we bought it. We began works to fix it and turn i tinto a traveling cocktail bar. The idea become, little by little, under our eyes, reality.

Now it’s time to start it and create around the van a complete experience where those who reach us become part of the project and follow all the stops of the 37° parallelo because they find a family atmosphere, full of smiles, good acoustic music, and wonderful places where they can relax them-selves admiring spectacular and evocative sunsets.

37° parallelo is also available for your private events, we will reach you and we will set up everything you need for a traveling bar corner with the best sicilian products and a very comfortable atmosphere where we can feel good all together.